Omnitrans Million Mile Safe Drivers Honored

New members of the Omnitrans Million Mile Club celebrate their achievement

This month, the Omnitrans Million Mile Club welcomed nine new 1 million mile drivers and three 2 million mile drivers into its ranks. These dedicated coach operators have achieved the prestigious 1 million mile mark by driving for 12 years, totaling 25,000 driving hours, all without a preventable accident. It’s the equivalent of driving to the moon and back–twice!

1 Million Mile safe driver award winners Andrew Urena, LuChere Beckum, Charline Center, Michael Spears, Bennett Reid, and David McGalliard. (also Anontio Castillo and Dennis Bowlin not pictured)

The coach operators were honored in a special awards ceremony at the Omnitrans Board of directors meeting on April 4th. Each received a certificate of recognition and a check for $5oo.

Long-time coach operators Karen Carnall and Marco Chacon (also Enrique Perez, not pictured) have reached the incredible 2 million mile safe driving mark.

Our gratitude and congratulations go out to these exceptional coach operators who set the agency standard for safety and excellence:

One Million Mile Drivers

  • LuChere Beckum
  • Dennis Bowlin
  • Antonio Castillo
  • Charline Center
  • Arthur Gonzalez
  • David McGalliard
  • Bennett Reid
  • Michael Spears
  •  Andrew Urena

Two Million  Mile Drivers     

  • Karen Carnall
  • Marco Chacon
  • Enrique Perez

 Click on any of the photos to enlarge. Do you recognize any of your favorite drivers?


2 thoughts on “Omnitrans Million Mile Safe Drivers Honored

  1. Congratulations and continued success to all of you . Thank you for being safe and delivering so many dedicated riders safely to their destinations !

  2. I remember Karen from Route 9 when it went into Fontana. I ride often with Mr. Gonzalez on Route 61 but I remember him when he drove Route 14 into Montclair which is now Route 66. At first I didn’t recognize Michael with his new haircut but I do recall riding on his route many times. Michael is one of many friendly drivers. Wow, I am a million miles rider…lol Congrats to all the million miles drivers.

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