Omnitrans Ops Develops sbX Plan

The sbX station and park & ride testing at Palm & Kendall in San Bernardino. The station will service both Omnitrans sbX and fixed route vehicles.

The Omnitrans operations department is gearing up for the 2014 opening of sbX bus rapid transit (BRT) service. It will be “all hands on deck” in developing standards, operating requirements, procedures, policies, and training skills to support this premier service!

The plan will familiarize department personnel with preemptive signal priority, dedicated center running bus lanes, bus arrival prediction and messaging system, on board passenger wireless network service, ticket vending machines, and on-board/ platform surveillance for increased security, and vehicle operations.

It is anticipated that six months prior to the system being in revenue service, vehicles will be traveling the sbX corridor for operators to test equipment functionality, headways, and approaches at the platform stations.

The first transit station to be evaluated for maneuverability and stall placement was at Palm & Kendall. The best way to test whether or not the transit station is “sbX ready” is to create an environment as close to reality as the coach operators will experience.

Although you might imagine the 60-foot articulated buses require a wider turning radius than the 40-foot buses, that is not the case. Details are crucial; measurements are tested and retested to ensure there are no barriers to the safe operation of the buses.

It is anticipated the sbX service will require 23 coach operators to operate the system five days a week. We are in the beginning stages of planning tight now and will continue to post more details as we move closer to our implementation date.

More testing at the Kendall and Palm Park and Ride

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  1. Im a Bus driver for Orange county tranist authority for 8 years now, I love my job, also drove for first student school bus, also durham school bus also vip charter, so I have between the 4, 12years total.

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