Omnitrans passenger wins an Apple iPad 3

Marice woke up early one morning around 4:00 and decided to check her email. She came across her Omnitrans newsletter and read about the Ecomotive Prize Drawing we were featuring on our social networks. She clicked the link, submitted her entry and then promptly forgot about it.

“I was so surprised when I found out I had won,” laughed Marice. “I’ve never won anything in my life! It’s an amazing feeling. And it means even more to me because I got it from my bus company. We love  Omnitrans and use the bus to travel everywhere–work, school, wherever we need to go. In fact, my husband and I rode the bus to come here and pick up the prize today!”

Marice is an on-call substitute main duty aid at her children’s school, where she also volunteers. She loves reading and is especially excited over the iPad’s e-book capabilities. “What’s wonderful is now when I’m on the bus I will always have my choice of things to read. And if I don’t want to read, I can watch a movie or listen to music. I can do anything!”

Her husband is thrilled for her. “Out of all of the family members, she has always been the most technology resistant. Now she’s thinking about all the possibilities it opens up. She’s planning a trip to visit a childhood friend and is already talking about using the iPad to Skype with our kids while she’s gone.”

Congratulations, Marice. And thanks for riding Omnitrans!

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