Comment on Fare Policy Proposals

Omnitrans is proposing modifications to the agency’s fare policy. Click here for the press release.

You may submit your comments online or attend the public hearing to be held on  Tuesday, March 19th at the Omnitrans main office at 1700 West 5th Street in San Bernardino between 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Comments may be submitted until March 26th:

  • By completing the comment form below
  • By mail – Omnitrans Planning Department, 1700 West 5th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92411 
  • By telephone (909) 379-7250
  • By emailing
  • By visiting our website at



A simplified definition of the Go Smart Student fare program

  • CURRENT POLICY: The Go Smart fare is a negotiated fare for all students at a partner school so that any student can ride free. The fare is designed to be total fare revenue neutral compared to the absence of the program at the partner school. This is currently estimated at $15 per student per academic year. Prior to entering into a contract with a partner school, the agreement must be approved by the Omnitrans Board of Directors.
  • PROPOSED POLICY: The Go Smart fare is a pre-negotiated fare for all riders that attend a partner University, College, Trade/Technical School, or High School, or work at a partner employer. Participants must have an active, valid Omnitrans-compatible photo ID card for fare.


A reclassification of the Student Pass category as a Youth Pass Category

  • CURRENT POLICY: Student: Proof of age (18 and under) or student status (student I.D. card with current registration). Student category was for any student regardless of age.
  • PROPOSED POLICY: Youth: Riders 18 years and under with proof of age.


The elimination of the ADA Access Subscription fare category, with the continued ability of subscription designated riders to have subscription trips at the regular cash/ticket fare.

  • CURRENT POLICY: A premium service that allows riders that have recurring ride(s) on the same day(s), time(s) and pick-up/drop-off address. The service provides unlimited use on a month-to-month basis.
  • PROPOSED POLICY: Fare is the same as cash/ticket fare. Allows riders that have recurring ride(s) on the same day(s), time(s) and pick-up/drop-off address. Requires approval from Omnitrans.

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