Omnitrans Unveils Transit as Official App

Omnitrans has partnered with the Transit app as the one-stop-shop for San Bernardino Valley transit riders’ real-time bus tracking and trip planning needs! Transit, available for free download, counts millions of active users in more than 200 cities worldwide, including Southern California.

Transit delivers what our customers want—easy trip planning and real-time bus tracking in a single app,” said P. Scott Graham, Omnitrans CEO/General Manager. “Endorsement comes at no cost to the agency but provides a great benefit to our riders.”

Download the free Transit app: App Store | Google Play

Upon launching the app, Omnitrans bus riders will see nearby route options and departure times in big text and bright colors. Users can easily navigate the San Bernardino Valley, aided by accurate real-time bus ETAs, trip planning, and step-by-step navigation with Transit’s GO feature (NexTrip will continue to be accessible via Transit users can also request and pay for Uber or Lyft rides within the app. Details on how to use the app can be found here.

This partnership between Omnitrans and Transit offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and widely adopted app for riders to navigate the whole region. In addition, Omnitrans will also receive anonymized data and customizations to better serve the public, such as the ability to send important information directly to riders via Transit’s home screen.

Omnitrans joins dozens of other public transit agencies across North America that have partnered with the app, including Silicon Valley’s VTA, Boston’s MBTA, Baltimore’s MDOT MTA, St. Louis Metro, Tampa Bay’s PSTA and Montreal’s STM.

Additionally, Transit is working in partnership with Token Transit, which will be integrated with Transit, making it the single destination for Omnitrans riders to plan their trip, predict their bus arrival, and pay for their mobile fare.

The current Omnitrans app, which launched in 2012, will be phased out in the coming month and no longer supported effective November 2019. Our website,, is optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

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