Omnitrans West Valley Service Changes

Montclair Transit Center. Photographer Juno Kughler Carlson

With the upcoming September 8th service changes, West Valley Omnitrans riders will notice a number of routes have been reconfigured, and might even be a combination of previous routes. Routes 63, 65 and 68 have been eliminated. These changes help to streamline routes in the West Valley, significantly reducing travel time, and requiring fewer transfers. For this reason, some routes have been renumbered. Routes numbered in the 60s travel mostly east and west, and routes numbered in the 80s travel mostly north and south.

Here’s a look at the five new routes that have been added:

  • Route 290 Freeway Express – connects downtown San Bernardino, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Ontario Mills and the Montclair Transit Center. This route cuts travel time in half, compared to similar local bus service. Service runs weekdays at peak hours. Passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi onboard. Try Route 290 FREE September 8th – 11thfor a relaxing and hassle-free commute. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Route 84 – provides direct north-south service on Mountain Avenue, connecting Chino, Ontario and Upland. It will cover previous sections of Routes 63, 67, and 80 that serve Mountain Avenue.
  • Route 85 – provides 30 minute weekday service between Chino Transit Center and Chaffey College on Central Avenue, Arrow Route, and Milliken Avenue. It combines services previous covered by Routes 65, 68 and 81.
  • Route 86 – connects Ontario and Upland, near San Antonio Hospital. The route travels primarily on Vineyard and Campus Avenues. It covers segments previously serviced by Routes 63 and 81.
  • Route 88 – provides 60 minute weekday service on Ramona Avenue, connecting to Chino Hills. It covers sections previously service by Routes 65 and 68.

Have questions about navigating the new routes? We’re here to help. Omnitrans ambassadors will be at the San Bernardino Transit Center, the Chaffey College Transit Center, the Ontario Transit Center, the Montclair Transit Center, the Chino Transit Center and Ontario Mills during peak hours on August 8th and 9th.

For a closer look at the West Valley routes and schedules affected by the new service changes, check out our September Bus Book preview.

Omnitrans bus at Montclair Transit Center.  Photographer Juno Kughler Carlson

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