Parts Clerks help keep fleet running smoothly

Omnitrans Parts Clerk Ray Gonzales and Mechanic Antonio Orozco

Thirty-three thousand four hundred twenty-eight (33,428) parts have been purchased, received, and issued through the East and West Valley warehouses to keep Omnitrans’ buses rolling this fiscal year. That translates to nearly 200 contracts, independent cost estimates, technical specifications, and scopes of work! Providing service to our community takes a coordinated effort that encompasses the entire agency.

Traditionally, warehouses and distribution centers shut down for one to two weeks each year to conduct physical inventories to protect the asset. Omnitrans utilizes technology for a more savvy approach that minimizes the impact to the Maintenance department.

Inventory is closely accounted for and monitored through a robust Cycle Count Program eliminating the need for a full warehouse closure. Parts are classified based on usage or “cycles” and counted accordingly. The faster the inventory turns, the more frequently they are counted. Instead of counting parts once a year, parts are counted quarterly, semi-annually, and annually based on the potential risk to the agency.

Mechanics and supervisors have done an incredible job this year to identify potential warranty claims thereby reducing the cost to maintain Omnitrans’ fleet.

FYTD Warranty:
Claims: $559,374
Recovery: $390,165

Interim Warranty Coordinator, Art Colunga researches warranty statuses and files claims with each manufacturer or supplier to recoup as much money as possible. That’s no small task considering number of vehicles in our fleet, each with numerous warranty periods based on different bills of material. Efforts this fiscal year to date have already resulted in claims of $559,374 and $390,165 in recovery!

As warranties expire, Omnitrans Parts Clerks work hard to identify engine parts by sight in order to assist mechanics in returning buses to service in a timely manner. Manufacturers often make improvements from one bus series to the next based on industry feedback and failures.

According to Frank Flores, Interim Materials Supervisor, “The challenge Parts Clerks face is knowing what parts have been superseded and what parts have to be maintained for the older coaches. Often times the superceded parts look much different than the original parts but, when installed, the improvements have resulted in less failures on our coaches.”

– Jennifer Sims, Director of Procurement

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