Police crack down on motorists in sbX bus lanes

San Bernardino Polics Department cracks down on motorists in bus lanes
San Bernardino Polics Department tweet warns motorists that entering Bus Only lanes is dangerous and costly.

The San Bernardino Police Department is cracking down on motorists who cross the sbX Bus Only lanes. In a recent tweet, the SBPD warned drivers that the infraction is both dangerous and costly. The minimum fine for entering a Bus Only lane is $341!

New candlesticks, yellow posts with reflectors like the ones shown here, are  being installed as an additional safety measure at various high traffic locations in San Bernardino. The candlesticks will serve as an added visibility feature to prohibit drivers from crossing into Bus Only lanes, which are also marked by double yellow lines.

sbX Bus Only lane candlestick markers
sbX Bus Only lane candlestick markers

Remember, when driving along the corridor, you can still access all your favorite businesses by obeying traffic signs and safely making turns where indicated.

Never risk your life or the lives of others by entering a dedicated bus lane.

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