Proposed Bill Threatens Public Transit Funding

Since 1983, nearly half of all public transportation funding has come from the federal motor fuels tax dedicated to the Highway Trust Fund. This funding structure provides highway and transit programs with secure, dedicated revenues which Omnitrans and other transit systems around the country rely on to maintain their services, create jobs and foster economic growth.

Under the proposed House bill H.R. 3864, the federal American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Financing Act, dedicated federal fuels taxes for public transit funding would be eliminated. Highway and transit programs would receive no funding after 2016, following a one-time appropriation for 2013-2016

The proposed changes would have dire consequences for Omnitrans and the thousands of people in the San Bernardino Valley who rely on public transit. Our agency depends on FTA funding for bus and equipment purchases, preventive maintenance and construction projects such transit centers, operating facilities and the sbX bus rapid transit line. We will provide16 million trips this year for riders, including 2.4 million trips for students and over 3.3 million trips for seniors and persons with disabilities. The proposed legislation will have a huge impact on their freedom and quality of life.

Please visit the American Public Transportation Association at to learn more about this bill and how you can take action.

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4 thoughts on “Proposed Bill Threatens Public Transit Funding

  1. Reblogged this on Simon Oh and commented:
    The latest transportation bill in the House will eliminate funding for transit. This can have potential implications nationwide. Tell your congressional representatives to reject this bill and get to work on a better one.

  2. Somebody has to pay….even if it is US, the riders.
    The bus is cheap compared 2 maintance,gas,insurance,etc and limited polluction.

  3. The oil industry wrote this bill. We need people to stand-up and oppose it in the most forceful of terms since the corrupt politicians behind this legislation pouring our treasury into highways are selling our country’s future to the highest bidder.

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