Reading, riding & reaching out to others

“Omnitrans is the center of my universe,” says Liz Neal. The 46-year-old San Bernardino retiree has a history of seizures which prevents her from driving. But she doesn’t let that hold her back from enjoying the things she loves. She relies on Routes 2, 5 and 15 to get her where she needs to go.

An active member of her church, Ecclesia Christian Fellowship, Liz’s days are filled with Praise Dance practice, choir rehearsals, Bible study, community service and spiritual counseling.  She hopes to one day return to Bible College to obtain a ministry degree. Liz is also an avid reader, preferring true crime, biographies and computer books, and is a frequent visitor at the local library. She always has a book on her, and finds the 45 minute commute between home and church to be a great time to relax and read.

“I like that the buses are neat and clean–and air conditioned. Always great on those hot days!  I know I can get where I need to go on time, and the bus drivers are all very nice. Whenever I’ve had questions or needed directions, they’ve always been very helpful and informative.”

Because she rides every day, Liz purchases 31-Day disability bus passes in order to save more money. And she’s a huge fan of the new NexTrip bus arrival prediction technology.

“It’s been heaven. Whoever came up with that–I just want to hug them!” she laughs. “I trust it and love it and can’t imagine life without it now. Before I used to have to phone the call center every day or check the bus book to get information to plan my trip.  Now I have the NexTrip app downloaded to my smartphone, and it’s always right on the money. If it says the bus is arriving now, I can look up and actually see it coming down the street!”

Liz says NexTrip also gives her the opportunity to talk to people and help them. “It never fails. Whenever I’m at a bus stop, someone always comes along to ask how long I’ve been waiting and do I know when the next bus is coming.  I just pull out my phone and show them. It’s so much easier than looking at the map at the bus stop or at the bus book. It’s that important.”

–Juno Kughler Carlson

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