Route 66 Returning to Service

On Monday, March 19th, Route 66 is coming off the long-term detour and returning to service on Foothill Blvd. between Grove and Vineyard.

Re-opened stops:
Foothill & Grove
Foothill & Baker
Foothill & Highridge
Foothill & Vineyard.

2 thoughts on “Route 66 Returning to Service

    1. I’ll never understand why the Feds decommissioned the highway. The highway never lost its relevance despite the development of the interstate highway system. That road made dreams come true for so many Americans who wanted to escape the Midwest and the East Coast and come out and start a new life full of opportunity out here in the West. One of the things I praise most about the City of Rancho Cucamonga is that in planning the city, it was a priority to keep Route 66 alive in the Inland Empire by making Foothill the primary business corridor and economic center of the City. The completion of the Pacific Electric bridge really brought back the legacy of Route 66, to keep the 66 alive for generations to come.

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