Route 80 Detour Update

RIDER ALERT: The following detour is in place for   Route 80 detour due to construction. Please note and make any necessary adjustments to your travel.

Route 80 Northbound Detour

  • From Monte Vista
  • Left on On Moreno
  • Right on Benson
  • Left on 4th
  • Right on Mountain
  • Continue route

Route 80 Southbound Detour

  • From Mountain
  • Left on 4th
  • Right on Benson
  • Left on Morino
  • Right on Monte Vista
  • Continue route

4 thoughts on “Route 80 Detour Update

  1. In the interest of all passengers, it would be a good idea to print this detoured route information in english and spanish and post it in each 80 route bus so that the passengers who do not have internet are able to make their travels accordingly.

    1. Because the buses change out on different routes every day, there are no buses specifically dedicated to Route 80. Information is generally posted along the route at the affected stops.

    1. We plan to open it the week of Oct 1st, just as soon as they complete the shelter that they are making at our bus stop on 5th street after the turn on Mountain.

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