San Bernardino barber believes in sbX, city’s future

Guadalupe “Lupita” Plascencia owns Barber Shop 215, near the sbX station on E Street at Rialto Avenue, near the future San Bernardino Transit Center. Her commute between home and work using rapid transit will allow her to leave her car at home on weekdays.

Guadalupe “Lupita” Plascencia plans to make sbX her weekday commute.

The owner of Barbershop 215, located at 181 N. E St., works one-half block from the sbX station on E Street at Rialto Avenue (near the future transit center). She also lives within walking distance of the sbX station at Hospitality Lane and Tippecanoe Avenue.

She came across the opportunity to work on the bus rapid transit corridor by chance.  A friend of hers, a fellow barber, wasn’t returning her phone calls so Lupita finally decided to pay her a visit. The shop was closed and mail was piling up inside the door. She became concerned and then contacted the building manager, who told her that her friend was seriously injured in an automobile accident and was on long-term disability.

Lupita’s friend’s daughter, who worked with her mother, was unable to continue making the rent payments and was forced to close the shop. Several months passed with no new tenant. Finally, the building manager contacted Lupita and asked if she was interested. The commute from Fontana after working long hours was taking its toll on her and she decided to make the move.

Hairstylists at Barber Shop 215 specialize in a variety of cuts, including fades, tapers, business cuts, mowhawks and flat tops. Shop hours are 9-6 Monday through Saturday.

Passenger service begins April 28 and Lupita said she can’t wait to start using the new express line “so I can give up my parking space to one of my customers.” She also believes the new transit line will help the city rebuild once it connects with other rapid transit and rail lines.

“San Bernardino is my home,” she said. “I raised my five kids here. I believe in this city. I have to. Anyone who points fingers about what’s wrong with it has to look in the mirror if they want to make it right. Change starts with you.”

– David Rutherford 

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