SBPD SWAT team gets familiar with sbX

Special Weapons and Tactics team members from the San Bernardino Police Department survey the inside of a five-door sbX bus to prepare emergency-response strategies.

The mission was short and simple: learn more about the new five-door, 60-foot vehicles that will soon grace the E Street corridor; strategize what to do in the event of a dangerous situation on board; and execute drills to assure the safety of passengers.

Those goals were accomplished November 6, 2013 by the San Bernardino Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team near the police shooting range at Perris Hill Park. The event was put together by Omnitrans’ Operations and Safety and Security departments.

San Bernardino SWAT team rehearses a drill designed to storm a sbX bus under siege. The training was facilitated by Omnitrans’ Operations and Safety & Security departments in preparation for a transit emergency on a 60-foot vehicle.

“This is a coordinated effort between Omnitrans and the San Bernardino Police Department to partner with local first responders on emergency response,” said Security and Loss Prevention Supervisor Mark Crosby.  “We wanted them to become familiar with the new sbX buses and its features so they are prepared to respond to  potential life-and-death situations.”

The elite law enforcement team was shown locations of surveillance cameras, points of entry and other intricate details so they could assess various scenarios, from armed passenger threats to terrorist activity to hostage situations.

“In the end, if lives can be saved and injuries avoided, anything we can do to help first responders become familiarized with Omnitrans equipment and services is beneficial to the passengers we serve,” Crosby said.

–  David Rutherford

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