sbX ADA Features Make Transit Easy

Ramps and steel plates at all five doors allow wheelchairs to roll right onboard, reducing the time it takes to load and lift on a hoist, as with traditional buses.

At Omnitrans, we understand getting used to a new transportation system can be a challenge for riders. For our those riders with disabilities we want to highlight the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-friendly features of the Omnitrans sbX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system below:

Level Boarding at Platform Stations – Eliminates need for hydraulic lifts or ramps. Makes it easier for people to board by foot or in a wheelchair. A bridge plate can be deployed to cover the gap for wheelchairs.

Visual and Audible Stop Announcements – Help riders on-board know when and where to get on or off sbX. 

On-Board Wheelchair Space – sbX vehicles have space on board to accommodate two wheelchairs.

One of two wheelchair locations on the New Flyer XN60

Planter Boxes and Textured Floor Strips Along Walkways and Station Platforms – Helps people with visual impairments navigate on and around the platform.

Communications System at Crosswalks – An audible sound helps alert people at crosswalks.

Textured floor strips help guide riders on boarding platform

As we get closer to the start of service in early 2014, we will work with ADA advocacy groups to continue to inform riders about the new service that will have stations at Loma Linda Medical Center, the VA Hospital in Loma Linda and along Hospitality Lane where there are numerous medical offices. If you are interested in receiving more information, please call the sbX project helpline at (855) sbX-NEWS / 729-6397.

-Robert Chevez 


Omnitrans offers Travel Training

Launched in October 2012, Omnitrans now offers Travel Training to local community groups, including seniors, students, people with disabilities, and commuters. These hour-long, hands-on training presentations provide people with a hand-on bus experience on an Omnitrans fixed-route bus (specific sbX vehicle training may be available in the future). Topics include boarding, trip planning, paying your fare, vehicle features, etc. If you or your group is interested, please contact Omnitrans Community Outreach Specialist Nicole Ramos at (909) 379-7155.


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