sbX Crews Beat Holiday Rush

New landscaping, curbs, gutters and sidewalks at the southwest corner of Hospitality Lane and Tippecanoe Avenue in front of Costco – ahead of the holiday shopping season in November.

As construction of the Omnitrans sbX line continues to move forward, the management team is continually looking to work with businesses and the city to find ways to minimize impacts and maintain access throughout the corridor.

In advance of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shopping period, construction management identified an opportunity to widen both sides of Hospitality Lane near Tippecanoe Avenue and open up all lanes of travel by November 1.

Crews worked day and night in the months leading up to build the new curb and gutter, sidewalk and driveways as well as the installation of landscape and electrical poles. The road was paved and striped for two lanes in each direction to accommodate the increased volume of shoppers. As a result of collaboration efforts, the street in this area has been clear of construction since November 1 and will continue through the end of the year for the Christmas and New Year’s Day Holiday shopping period.

— David Rutherford 

Southwest corner of Hospitality Lane and Tippecanoe Avenue in early October with traffic-control measures.

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