Solar Lights Installed at sbX Park/Ride Lots

Parking lot lights at sbX park-and-rides will be solar powered.

During the past month, crews have reached construction milestones at each of the two park-and-ride facilities in northern San Bernardino.

At the Kendall Drive facility near Palm Avenue, electrical workers have installed the light poles in the parking lot as well as the solar-powered lights. Motorists driving through the area can see the solar panels at the top of the poles.

The new sbX park-and-ride at Marshall Boulevard and E Street has come a long way in just the past month with paving already in place.

Further south on Kendall Drive, the structural work for the Little Mountain Drive and Shandin Hills Drive stations on both sides of the street are mostly complete. And at the E Street and Marshall Boulevard park-and-ride, crews recently paved the parking lots on the east and west sides. Light poles at this location have also been installed and work continues on the station platforms.

–Robert Chevez

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