Station Work Begins on Hospitality

New sod, trees and other types of plants have been put in on the south side of Hospitality Lane.

Construction progress on Hospitality Lane has become quite apparent during the past month as concrete driveways and sidewalks have re-opened and new landscaping has been planted along the south side of the street. In fact, on the west end of Hospitality Lane, traffic control has been lifted near E Street and the public can now see the new width of the street.

Additionally, new concrete bus pads have been poured at Omnitrans Route 2 stops along the south side of Hospitality Lane and slot asphalt paving is expected to begin at the end of April. The slot paving will allow traffic lanes to moved outward as construction crews begin to work on the center-running lane stations at Hunts Lane and Carnegie Drive.

During the next few weeks, the planter walls at the Tippecanoe Avenue station on Hospitality Lane will be formed and poured.

On the east end of Hospitality Lane, crews have achieved key milestones in building the center-running lane station at Tippecanoe Avenue. The concrete structure slab has been poured and planter walls will be formed and poured during the next few weeks.

-Robert Chevez

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