Station Work to Begin on Hospitality

This month, construction activities will begin on the first Omnitrans sbX center running lane stations on Hospitality Lane at Tippecanoe Avenue (near Costco) and Carnegie Drive (near Home Depot). Traffic control will be in place as you approach these work areas. The first thing to be built will be the station platform followed by the installation of the steel canopies.

Elsewhere on Hospitality Lane, a considerable amount of progress has been made during the past month as all driveways and sidewalks have now been poured on the south side of the street between Tippecanoe Avenue and E Street. Some asphalt paving has begun through this stretch to fill in the new slots created from a wider street.

In the coming months, crews will work toward completing electrical, irrigation and landscaping work on the south side of Hospitality Lane.

 – Robert Chevez

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