Steel frames go up in Loma Linda

Steel canopy structures are being installed at sbX stations in Loma Linda like this one at Anderson Street and Prospect Avenue.

During the past few weeks, progress on the sbX stations in Loma Linda has become more visible as there is ongoing construction activity at each of the three stops in the city.

Most notable are the steel canopy structures that were recently installed at the Anderson Street and Prospect Avenue stops. When the project is completed, each station along the entire sbX corridor will have artwork that is unique to the area and captures an important aspect of the community.

Crews work on the foundation for the new northbound side boarding sbX station across from the future park-and-ride at Anderson Street near Redlands Boulevard in Loma Linda.

Steel structure crews will next work on the canopy for the sbX station at Benton Street near Barton Road. Foundation work on the northbound sbX station at Anderson Street near Redlands Boulevard is also well underway.

– Robert Chevez 

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