The multi-faceted job of a Field Supervisor

Our Omnitrans Field Supervisors are accustomed to wearing many hats throughout their daily shift.

Their daily responsibilities comprise a number of administrative tasks, including Customer Service Report investigations and annual reviews.

After taking off their administrative hat, they easily slide on the hat of being responsible for service performance, assistance to customers with field issues, and the immediate needs and concerns of Coach Operators.

When wearing their “In-The-Field-Hat”, they can be called to investigate accidents and incidents and to set up detours. All Field Supervisors are involved in coordinating special bus service, dispatching, covering the radio, and monitoring morning pull-outs (ensuring timely departure).

One final thing to note: many of them drive routes daily to help decrease the loss of service and to insure the community transportation needs are being met.

Not only do our Field Supervisors contribute to the overall success of the agency, they maintain a positive attitude of teamwork, flexibility, determination, support and perseverance.

Roberta Robertson
Assistant Transit Manager, East Valley

Omnitrans Field Supervisors

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