Travel Training Eases New Rider Anxiety

“Omnitrans is important to me because it’s my only transportation. I rely on it for everything–doctor’s appointments, going to the store, basically anywhere I need to go,” said Barbara Cohen, a 65-year-old Rialto resident and regular bus passenger.

For the past 25 years, Barbara has been confined to a power-chair due to a disability. At first she relied on Access demand-response service for persons with disabilities, but eventually found it was too expensive to use regularly. Instead of paying $2.75 per trip for Access, she now buys a 10-pack of fixed route fares for Senior/Disabled riders at only $15.50 which lasts her the entire month.

Making the move from the Access Bus to a fixed route service felt overwhelming and a bit intimidating to Barbara at first. To help her make the transition, she decided to sign up for a travel training class with Vtrans, an agency that provides individual travel training services to seniors and those with disabilities . With the help of an instructor, she was able to practice how to safely board and disembark the bus, how to secure her chair, and how to use the farebox. She also learned how to plan a route, identify landmarks, make stops and transfers and how to communicate any special needs t0 her bus driver.

“It really helped me to feel more confident because I knew firsthand what to expect,” said Barbara. “I recommend travel training to all first time riders–especially powerchair users.”

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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