Work on Kendall/Palm, CSUSB resumes

A variety of drought-tolerant trees are being planted at the Palm Avenue and Kendall Drive park-and-ride.

Activities have increased at the northern end of the Omnitrans sbX project as crews have been working on irrigation and landscaping at the Palm Avenue and Kendall Drive park-and-ride facility.

An irrigation system that features a water-efficient drip system is being installed. A drip system uses substantially less water that a traditional sprinkler system. Using this system is possible as the vegetation selected only requires low-to-moderate watering which, once the plants are established, needs only occasional supplemental water. A variety of trees such as Australian willows, pines, and pepper trees are being planted at this location. Additional vegetation will be put in toward the end of the construction project later this year.

Another landscape view of the Kendall & Palm park-and-ride

At the CSUSB sbX station, work will resume at the beginning of February as crews will install concrete platform pavers, which interlock pieces of concrete to create an attractive pattern or design. In the coming months, work at this station will include installation of irrigation and landscaping.

– Robert Chevez

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