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    Stay up to date on pre-planned and short term detours on Omnitrans bus routes. Follow us on Twitter @OmnitransAlerts for the latest information.

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    Stay up to date on pre-planned detours and short-term detours

    Omnitrans strives to provide timely and reliable service, however, obstacles may arise while our buses are on the road which cause routing adjustments. Use the closest safe stop available when detours occur. When a detour is lifted and regular routing has resumed, the message will disappear from the Twitter feed below. 

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    February 7, 2023

    Detour on Route 85 NORTHBOUND, between ARROW @ COVENTRY SQ and ARROW @ 2ND.


    Detour on Route 85 SOUTHBOUND, between ARROW @ 5TH and ARROW @ MAPLE.


    Detour on Route 83 SOUTHBOUND, between EUCLID @ FOOTHILL and EUCLID @ 8TH.


    Detour on Route 87 SOUTHBOUND, between CAMPUS @ I ST and HOLT @ LEMON.


    Detour on Route 87 NORTHBOUND, between MISSION @ SULTANA and CAMPUS @ G.

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