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    Connect to other bus lines at Transfer Centers

    Omnitrans has 13 transfer centers. These are places where several bus lines come together, letting you connect between them. There are three types of transit centers: major transfer centers, transfer centers at shopping malls, and other transfer centers at key transportation, medical, and educational locations.

    Major Transfer Centers

    The San Bernardino Transit Center is a centralized location where you can transfer to other Omnitrans routes. This will make it easier to ride other Omnitrans routes. Please be aware that buses stop only at the bus stop indicated. For your convenience, each bus stop has been designated with the route number. These numbers are attached to each shelter and are included as part of the schedule information in the route map. This will make it easier for you to find your bus stop.

    Shopping Center Transfer Centers

    Shopping malls are a frequent destination of many Omnitrans passengers. To make it more convenient to shop, following are maps of the of the major shopping malls in the San Bernardino Valley that show the Omnitrans bus routes.

    Other Transfer Centers

    The following are additional convenient transfer centers.

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