Face coverings required to board buses

Coronavirus: Face Coverings Required to Ride Omnitrans Buses

Face coverings required to board buses

The County of San Bernardino no longer mandates face coverings when leaving your house, therefore our operators will no longer enforce face coverings for customers to board, or while riding, Omnitrans buses. Face coverings are strongly encouraged during the pandemic.

To protect the public from the spread of coronavirus, the County of San Bernardino has formally ordered everyone to wear a face covering when leaving their home starting Tuesday, April 8, 2020. All Omnitrans customers traveling for essential needs are now required to wear a face covering upon entering and while riding any Omnitrans bus, effective immediately. Those not wearing a protective face covering or mask will not be permitted to ride.

Face coverings include any dense cloth without holes that secures safely to the ears or back of the head and covers the mouth and nose area. This may be a homemade cloth with ear loops, bandana, handkerchief, scarf, or neck gaiter. Medical grade masks and N95 masks must be preserved for healthcare workers and emergency responders. Learn more about face coverings and how to make them at home from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Omnitrans continues to support public health efforts by providing lifeline transportation service for essential needs only. Please keep this in mind for your protection and well-being of our community at large. To see what you can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus if you must ride the bus during this time, please click here.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this challenging time.

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Face Coverings Required to Ride Omnitrans Buses

  1. I just want to say Thank you. I truly appreciate all the hard workers at Omnitrans. You are vital to our community and I hope you know this. Please be safe out there.

  2. How come you removed the stop 0f 40th and F Street on Route 5. I went on the 5 today and the stop was eliminated. What is the reasoning behind it?

    1. Hi Jason. While the bench and trash can had to be removed, the bus stop is still served there. Is the sign missing as well? If so, please let us know which direction you’re referring to so we can replace that. Thank you!

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