COVID-19 Survey: We want to hear from you!

January 8, 2021

Over the last few months, we have implemented numerous mitigation efforts to improve the health and safety of our customers and operators amid COVID-19. We thank all our passengers for wearing face coverings while riding, maintaining distance, and cooperating with us during this challenging time for all.

Last year, we received constructive feedback from you soon after the onset of the pandemic. Most notably, this resulted in installation of onboard hand sanitizers after popular demand. Now that we are nearing a year of navigating COVID-19, Omnitrans is seeking your valuable feedback once more.

Please share with us how you are currently using Omnitrans and your level of comfort riding throughout the pandemic. If not riding, we still want to know what will help make you feel confident riding. Thank you for sharing your feedback with Omnitrans. It will help guide our efforts into the new year.

All survey respondents will be entered into a random drawing to win one of four $50 Amazon gift cards!

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42 thoughts on “COVID-19 Survey: We want to hear from you!

    1. You guys have done exceptionally well during this time of Covid good job keep up the good work

  1. You guys do a good job on keeping the buses clean and sanitized.I would help if you provide mask to passengers who don’t have one. Some might have been in a rush and forgot to grab one from home or just don’t have one. You can get a box at low cost like at the 99 cent store.

  2. Thank you for your service, you are more than someone who operates a bus. Your putting your lives on the line for us, each time you drive. Your very worthy to me

  3. I think you make the best out of the really bad situation. We are not gonna crumble, we persevere and lets hope we will make it through this calamity with renewed spirit, become even more resilient and proactive. Go Omni!

  4. The bus drivers are amazing they are always helpful. But for someone who takes the bus 4-6 times a day the buses are crowded full of people and they are only allowed 20 people on the bus realistically it needs to be cut back to 10 to keep the 6ft distance and more buses more often to help transport 10 people per bus . My anxiety I get super high when the buses are crowded and there’s only so much I can protect myself even with the mask when there’s so many people sitting all around me.

  5. Drivers are usually very kind and helpful. Only a couple occasions where I experienced very rude drivers. Amongst all, it’s been a safe experience with all.

  6. I love the precautions that you have taken so far. Now if only there was a way to enforce people wearing their masks properly and throughout their entire ride

  7. Hi my name is Tomeka Brackins, I am a essential Worker during pandemic, on the graveyard shift. I have using Omnitrans for 25 years. I really respect the drivers implementing that everyone should wear a mask when boarding. Plus that there is hand sanitizer on board for the riders to use. Thank you for doing everything you do to keep us safe.

  8. Thanks to Omnitrans for setting the standard for our riders, uniform masks and hand sanitizer for us to work safely in the Covid-19 environment. You guys did a great job. Thank you again

  9. Buses are clean and drivers are correcting riders before they board the bus to place face coverings on correctly. The hand sanitizers are in place and filled.

  10. Drivers are requiring passengers to wear the mask properly prior to boarding the bus.
    Hand sanitizers are convenient and always filled.
    Buses are clean.

    1. All safety measures are present in the bus as well as the driver giving safety instructions to the passengers. The bus environment is also safe since all precautions are present for the public.

  11. Drivers arecfriendky and knowlegeble. Theyveven enforced wearing the mask over the nose, which i m grateful for.

  12. I think you guys are doing well I mean I ride the bus to and from work Monday-Friday and with this Pandemic still going the drivers make sure anyone boarding the bus have a mask on although sometimes I wonder if someone boarding has Covic and are bringing it on with them am I still protected

  13. Hola me gusta mucho el servicio lo uso todos los días el conductor siempre se asegura que todos lleven puesto bien su cubrebocas y eso me agrada que lleven un buen control de higiene y seguridad.sigan con sus protocolos de seguridad.

  14. I live in San Bernardino and I am in a wheelchair with asthma. This is been a rough year I have not been out of my house during this time other than the very few stores that are open within walking distance of my home. I have been fearful to use the bus I am afraid of overcrowding or people not wearing a mask. But it is getting really difficult to be home all the time.

  15. I am an essential worker and have felt safe riding during the pandemic because of the safety measures taken. I like that everyone is required to wear a mask to board and must keep on while riding. I like the social distancing measure as well because before the crowding was often a big turn off for me.

  16. Our the majority of your survey takers delirious. As a bus rider what I’ve observed including the omnitrans drivers is that on routes 3,4 SBX , 1, 19 etc their is no social distancing riders also taking off or not wearing mask properly. I’ve had to remind multiple times passengers to correctly put on your mask. Omntrans isn’t enforcing CDC rules.

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