Crime Prevention

January 5, 2024
Photo Credit: California State University, San Bernardino

Preventing Crimes in Transportation Systems.

Public transportation plays a vital role in connecting and traveling around communities. However, safety concerns can stop individuals from utilizing these essential services. To ensure a secure and welcoming environment, it is crucial to implement effective crime prevention measures in our public transit systems.

From left to right: Andres F., Katherine C., Jeremiah, Lorraine L., Dylan, and Raquel G.

These students were able to experience Omnitrans sbX service, our express passenger service for the first time using the GoSmart College Pass Program. A program that lets students get FREE unlimited rides on all Omnitrans routes just by using their student ID. Criminal Justice Major, Raquel, was asked about her experience riding Omnitrans for the first time, “It was so easy! I thought I was going to get lost for sure, but it was so easy.” One student forgot their ID, but luckily they downloaded the Transit App and were able to purchase their day pass and use it immediately! I think more people should start riding the bus,” said, Katherine. “It’s not as difficult as it seems, it’s pretty simple and it’s helping the environment.”

Omnitrans staff attended California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) to watch student-led presentations in a class titled: Preventing Crimes in Transportation Systems – the course addresses the safety and security challenges of transit settings and ways to prevent crimes in the environments. This course is led by Nerea Marteache Solans, Professor of Criminal Justice. Omnitrans staff were there to listen and support the students who conducted research and observations about its service system. Dylan was able to assist some of the students with questions, statistics, and visiting bus stops and transit centers to help with their research.

Professor Nerea Marteache Solans (pictured left) welcomes Omnitrans to her class’s final presentations on crime prevention in public transportation.

Improving Safety at the Pomona Transit Center (Foothill Transit Service)

The first group of students conducted their interview on the current safety at the Pomona Transit Center and ways to improve it for the community such as updating signage, cleaning trash, and installing cameras for vandalism.

Improving Safety at Omnitrans Bus Stops

The second group of students created a presentation about improving safety at Omnitrans bus stops. These students had the opportunity to visit Omnitrans bus stops with Jeremiah and Dylan to gather more research for their presentation.

Gender-based Safety Policies to Improve Safety on Omnitrans service

The last group of students lead their presentation on gender-based safety policies specifically for Omnitrans service. They provided strategies, procedures, and tactics to improve the safety of Omnitrans service.

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