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    Free Fares For School Extended!

    May 11, 2022

    Free Fares For School has been extended through this Summer & the 2022-2023 school year!

    Omnitrans is excited to announce that the Free Fares for School program, which offers kindergarten – 12th graders in the San Bernardino Valley free rides to school has been extended to include this summer, as well as for the 2022 – 2023 school year! This means that students can ride Omnitrans buses to school, back home, and everywhere else for FREE!

    “We began Free Fares for School as a pilot program in 2021. It has exceeded all ridership expectations, exhibiting the need for such an initiative in our region,” said CEO/General Manager Erin Rogers. “Omnitrans is pleased to extend the program to build the next generation of transit ridership.”

    The Free Fares for School program allows community members 18 and under unlimited rides on Omnitrans’ 29 routes with their student ID card. The program was designed to allow students in Omnitrans’ service area to get to school, and extracurricular and recreational activities, encourage school attendance and promote equity.

    There is no purchase or registration necessary, and students can board the bus for free, show your student ID to ride with Omnitrans,

    To learn more about the Free Fares for School, visit omnitrans.org/buy-a-pass/free-fares-for-school/ and for more information on Omnitrans routes and services, please visit www.omnitrans.org

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