Get Familiar with Omnitrans’ Five-Year Strategic Plan  

September 20, 2021

As a forward-thinking organization, Omnitrans values the importance of strategic planning to best serve our community’s needs. Over a year and a half ago, senior leadership began the process of creating a five-year guiding document for the agency – the Strategic Plan. After a break to address the immediate needs of the pandemic, we have completed the plan to lay the foundation for the next five years in the Omnitrans Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan redefines our vision, purpose, values, and commitments to our customers, community, and employees. It will guide our efforts as we work toward our overarching goals: to connect our communities with safe and exceptional service, champion the work of our employees, maintain financial sustainability, and expand economic opportunity and mobility across the region. 

We invite you to share in this Strategic Plan with us as a stakeholder with a vested interest in Omnitrans. Together, we look forward to strengthening our role in providing connectivity in our community and supporting quality of life and economic prosperity. 

Learn more about the Omnitrans Strategic Plan.

Thoughts on “Get Familiar with Omnitrans’ Five-Year Strategic Plan  

  1. Well done Omni!
    Great to see a truly comprehensive strategic plan that is well articulated and focused. I know that Team Omni can deliver on its promises.
    Also fun to see a lot of familiar faces in the video, etc.

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