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    Guide To August Service Changes

    July 28, 2022

    There are some exciting changes coming to Omnitrans!

    Don’t miss out! Learn about our new service changes here:

    As part of Omnitrans’ FY 2023 Service Plan, we’ll be implementing a number of positive service and fare changes for community members this fall. Service changes take effect on August 8; in addition to the changes below, please check our new Bus Book for detailed service adjustments that may impact your route(s).

    OmniRide Expansions and new Fare Reduction

    Omnitrans is happy to expand microtransit service boundaries for OmniRide Chino/ChinoHills and OmniRide Upland! OmniRide is a reservation-based, on-demand, shared transit service (like Uber or Lyft). This expanded service area will allow riders to travel to large distribution centers in South Chino and between Chino and Chino Hills along Riverside Avenue. OmniRide Upland now will serve Montclair Place in Montclair, and Rancho Cucamonga along Carnelian Avenue.

    Even better, the cost of Senior and Disabled Fares will be reduced to just $1 per ride on all OmniRide routes!

    Welcome our new Fare Capping program!

    We’ll also be introducing a new Fare Capping program. This pay-as-you-ride policy limits the amount a customer pays to travel! Fare capping upgrades paid passenger fares to the next pass level once they have paid the equivalent of a multi-use pass. Each time you ride Omnitrans and pay via mobile fare, it will count towards a pass. For example, if you pay $2 per ride you will receive a Day Pass once you’ve spent $6 in one day, all the way up to a 31-Day Pass. This makes your purchasing decisions easier by buying only what you need.

    OmniConnect Shuttle Services

    Our first OmniConnect pilot shuttle service will begin in Ontario in August to get you where you need to go more efficiently. ONTConnect will travel between Cucamonga Station (Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink) and the Ontario International Airport to get travelers on the road/in the air quickly. A second shuttle will connect passengers from the San Bernardino Transit Center (SBTC) to downtown courts, county offices, and the San Bernardino Government Center beginning in October.

    Transit App – Your One-Stop Shop

    Have you downloaded the Transit App? It’s your one-stop shop for paying your fare and planning your trip on any Omnitrans service – fixed routes, OmniAccess, OmniRide, and OmniConnect. The app also makes riding transit simple and reliable. Transit can get you anywhere – just type where you want to go, choose your time(s), and follow the easy-to-read step-by-step instructions to plan, pay for and predict your trip.

    Start riding today by visiting, https://transitapp.com/.

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