Omnitrans Web Developer, Weber Horng, Gives Bus Ride Experience

April 1, 2022

Omnitrans provides the San Bernardino Valley with public mass transportation services that maximize customer use, comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Our very own Web Developer, Weber Horng, recently completed his first Omnitrans bus ride with us and made some interesting comparisons between Omnitrans and transportation services in Taiwan. His public transit experience in Taiwan was not a positive one. Weber remembers service as being safe, drivers as uncaring, and no bike racks!

“The traveling fare in Taiwan is very cheap.” Weber said, “Only costs about $.50 for one trip, but with the quality of service it’s not worth it.”

In contrast, on Weber’s Omnitrans ride he experienced polite, careful coach operators, who care about the feelings of the passengers. When asked what he thought of his Omnitrans bus ride, Weber said, “I enjoyed the ride with our transportation services. Very smooth and comfortable. From my brief experience, I think Omnitrans transportation is very good. Nothing to complain about!”

How was your last bus ride? If you’d like to share your experience with us, please visit (Link to the customer comment form on the website).

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