On the Road to Zero: Celebrate the Launch of Our New 100% Electric Buses!

June 2, 2021

While things slowed down over the last year, the Omnitrans Maintenance team seized the opportunity to improve our bus fleet and converted over half of our buses to near-zero emissions engines, reducing smog-producing emissions to .02 grams per brake horsepower hour and underscoring our commitment to cleaner air for our communities.

This week, we are pleased to release our first four 100% electric buses into the wild! Due to COVID, we are not able to host an event, but we would still like to celebrate with you with a fun photo contest when you spot the electric bus. You can’t miss it!

How to participate:

  1. Spot the bus out in the wild (aka on the street).
  2. Take a photo of the bus. (You do not need to be a rider.)
  3. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tag @omnitrans to make sure we see it!

Five randomly chosen winners will be contacted the week of June 21, 2021 to win an Omnitrans swag bag, including a $10 Bakers Drive-Thru gift card!

Our new zero-emission buses are fully battery-operated, aligning with our long-term goal to provide eco-friendly public transportation to our region. By adding these buses to our fleet, along with our near-zero emission buses, we are well on our way to further reducing our environmental impact and contributing to blue skies and cleaner air in San Bernardino County for generations to come.

The Road to Zero

The California Air Resources Board requires that all public transit vehicles have zero-emissions (emit no smog-producing emissions) by 2040. Omnitrans’ four new 100% electric vehicles represent the agency’s latest step down its path to achieve a zero-emissions fleet.


Omnitrans introduces nation’s first gasoline electric-hybrid transit buses


Omnitrans’ fleet is 100% alternatively-fueled (compressed natural gas)


More than 50% of Omnitrans’ fleet achieves near-zero emissions status


Omnitrans’ first four 100% electric, zero-emissions buses enter service


Omnitrans’ fleet is entirely comprised of 100% zero-emissions buses!


  • New Flyer Xcelsior Electric
  • 150-225 miles per charge


  • 150 kWh plug-in chargers
  • In-depot overnight charging (3-4 hours)
  • Regenerative breaking energy conversion


  • $1,100,000 per bus
  • Funded in part by Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust and Carl Moyer Program grants
  • Offset by $400,000 in maintenance cost savings over 12 years


  • Electric buses – ZERO grams of nitrogen oxides/brake horsepower hour
  • For comparison:
    • Compressed natural gas – .2 grams of nitrogen oxides/brake horsepower hour
    • Near-zero emissions engines – .02 grams of nitrogen oxides/brake horsepower hour

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