Shaping the Future: Investing Time in Our Youth

January 16, 2024

Written By: Dominique Mackey

When Etwanda B., Coach Operator for Omnitrans was asked to be a volunteer speaker at her son’s school she was a bit hesitant. In the past with her older children, she would donate snacks or supplies for activities, but never her time. However, this time around, Etwanda “wanted to do something different,” and said ‘yes’ to volunteering her time.

Etwanda presented at her son’s career day and shared more about what it’s like to be a Coach Operator with elementary and middle school students.

“When I am driving the bus, I am multitasking,” said Etwanda. “I’m watching the road, the passengers, and listening for things that might be [happening] on the bus.”

Students were intrigued by all the different skills a Coach Operator must possess while driving the bus. Etwanda even included a few trivia questions about the bus, which really had students excited.

“I asked them how many passengers the bus can carry and [to] [guess] how many feet long the bus is?” Etwanda informed students of how much bus fare is and reminded them that they can ride for free.

As the presentation progressed, students were able to share more about their dream job. Etwanda heard several students share their goal to become an athlete. However, she hopes her presentation inspired students to consider a Coach Operator/Bus Driver as one of their goals.

“A bus driver is a career too,” shared Etwanda.  Although students may be too young to understand all the benefits of this career, that didn’t steer Etwanda away from sharing them.

“When you get a bit older, you start to look at longevity,” said Etwanda. “Does this job offer retirement and health insurance?”

Etwanda has been with Omnitrans for eleven years and shared the stability this career has offered her.

“Omnitrans is a great company,” said Etwanda. “I like to word it as a career-oriented job. You have room for growth and opportunity.”

Etwanda wrapped up her presentation by giving students coloring pages, pens and other fun Omnitrans branded items for students.

Etwanda empowered the youth to explore a variety of options including a career as a Coach Operator when it comes to their dream career. She is a reminder to say ‘Yes’ to our youth and invest the time to help them achieve success.

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