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    Omnitrans Mobile Fare Validator

    November 13, 2023

    Starting December 1, Omnitrans is revolutionizing the way you ride. Today’s world is increasingly digital, and public transportation is no exception. New QR code validators will play an important role in how Omnitrans is moving forward. The validators will benefit both our operators and passengers by enhancing onboard convenience and efficiency.

    More Convenience

    Validators work with mobile fares. If you haven’t already, now is a perfect time to try mobile fares on the Transit app! It’s as easy as three steps: purchase your pass, activate your pass before boarding, and then scan your personalized QR code.

    Quicker Boarding Time

    Passengers and drivers spend less time waiting at the front of the bus, validating tickets. Just activate your digital tickets before boarding and scan the QR code on the validator screen. QR code validators shorten the validating and waiting time, improving boarding efficiency. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial!

    Conduct Better Hygiene Protocol

    QR code validators mean, shorter close interpersonal contact at the front of the bus, and less contact with cash or tickets that may have been touched by many people. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless payments are recognized to be secure and more hygienic.

    How to use the new validators

    Step 1

    If you haven’t already downloaded either the Transit app, Omnitrans’ official mobile app, or the Token Transit app, purchase your ticket. You need wi-fi for this step.

    Step 2

    Activate your ticket before boarding the bus and be ready to ride.

    Step 3

    Hold your phone screen close to the validator and scan your personalized QR code.

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