Employee of the Quarter Craig Butler

September 27, 2021

Craig Butler is recognized as Employee of the Quarter for his dedication to ensuring that the Stops and Stations section of the Maintenance Department hums along.

When a labor shortage occurred in the Stops and Stations section, with four of seven Stops and Stations crew members and the Supervisor currently off work, Craig skillfully transitioned from the position of Building Maintenance Mechanic to Relief Supervisor of Stops and Stations.

Knowing that Stops and Stations are the caretakers of some of the most visible and essential amenities for customers, Craig rose to the challenge of keeping the department’s work on track to keep customers happy. Craig organized work assignments, planned schedules, ordered materials, and fielded emails and questions. He responded quickly to staff and stakeholder communications to ensure requests were acknowledged and completed in a timely fashion. 

This quarter, Craig also collaborated with several departments to complete the installation of vital service change information, which our passengers rely on to plan their travel and learn about important updates that may impact their schedules. Additionally, Craig formed and organized a crew to complete the installation of a new premium shelter in Highland. 

Facilities Manger John Gensel, Relief Stops & Stations Supervisor Craig Butler, and Chair John Dutrey at the September 2021 Board of Directors meeting where Craig was recognized as Employee of the Quarter.

Get to know Craig:

How long have you worked at Omnitrans?

12 years.

What do you like best about working for Omnitrans?

I like working on mechanical things and have always enjoyed breaking things down and putting them back together again. I also like being outside. Working at Omnitans gives me the chance to do two things I like.

What is your most memorable moment on the job?

A few things stick out – the launch of sbX and the opening of the San Bernardino Transit Center. The first time I saw the SBTC I was pretty impressed.

What is your most notable achievement?

When we went through the rebranding, all of our bus stop signs changed. That was a huge project to change out all the signs. Also, there was an additional NexTrip sign that needed to be installed, too, so it was a big challenge to get it all done on time. We had a good team, and that’s one thing I enjoyed then, and now, the teamwork.

Do you have any hobbies when you’re not working?

I’m always tinkering with something in my garage – wood working, or even sometimes friend’s cars.  I like to golf when I can.

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