Redlands Resident Rides Omnitrans Toward A More Sustainable Planet

June 9, 2021

If you have ever wanted to connect with someone poised to make a positive difference in the world, get to know Omnitrans rider Karla E.! Originally from Santa Ana, Karla has made her way to the beautiful city of Redlands, where she is on a mission to generate awareness of environmental sustainability and make the world a healthier place for all. 

Karla holds a master’s degree in public health from Loma Linda University, where she led numerous projects including community outreach health programs. But her sustainable lifestyle is her passion, and she enjoys helping others make lifestyle changes of their own. You can view Karla’s Linktree page, where she shares helpful tips and products that help her on her sustainability journey. Karla also has an amazing Instagram profile where you can see her day-to-day posts and how she is actively reaching the community.  

Get to know more about Karla in her Rider Profile: 

How long have you been an Omnitrans customer? 

I have been a public transit rider from the very beginning. Living back home, we did not always have a car for transportation. I’m fairly new to Omnitrans and have been riding about 2-3 years. I love that I am helping the environment in the process of enjoying my commute.  

Why Omnitrans? 

It’s just easy and better for the environment. And when I say easy, I mean that I love the convenience of paying my fare on my phone. It’s low-cost and feasible. I do not have to deal with traffic and am able relax and listen to podcasts, read a book, and it gives me a chance to walk in the mornings. But what I love the most is that the buses are clean compared to other buses, and that makes me feel like Omnitrans treats people with dignity. A lot of people have a negative connotation about riding the bus, but the bus is truly for everyone no matter what stage of life you are in, and Omnitrans gives their passengers a piece of dignity when commuting. It is always my ideal choice. 

Where do you take the bus? And what is your most memorable trip? 

Prior to COVID-19, I used to take the bus a lot to my school and internship. My most memorable experience was when I really wanted to recycle plastic bottles, but I had them in a big bag I brought onboard. I just thought it was funny because people probably thought I just had a bunch of trash in the bag but really, I was just trying to recycle. 

I see you love thrifting, what is your favorite local spot to shop? 

I do not have a particular favorite spot, but along my route, I like to go to the Salvation Army and a shop that was formerly known as Relive Thrift but is now known as U-Reach Thrift. I love going thrifting. It is a great way to be sustainable and most of the time, things are new, or people wear it once before getting rid of it. If I cannot find something from the thrift store, I will buy new, but I always check with the company to see if the company is sustainable and if the pay their workers a fair wage, because I want the company to have the same values as me. 

What are some tips you have for the community on becoming more sustainable? 

Take the bus! Sustainability is different for everyone. I would say to try something sustainable once a month. Whether it is driving less, or composting. Maybe you need a dress for one occasion. Try secondhand thrifting! Take time to learn about the environmental impacts you have on the planet and do your research on how you can help. 

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